DCK Construction Limited has been serving the staffing solution to home owners and businesses in London for numerous years. We have a long and successful history of providing UK business, governmental departments and individuals with quality craftsmanship delivered at competitive prices.

Our workers are skilled in a wide range of different building processes & provide a complete building service in London that covers all aspects of property renovation, from property refurbishment, improvement and maintenance. Whether we’re building a new home extension, loft extension or re-modelling a bathroom. We provide all design & structural services from drawings to investigations. We also complete extensions to homes, flats, bungalows & apartments these include bedrooms in loft, bathrooms, kitchens, all reception rooms & much more.

Since 2008, £155m has been invested in improvements to council homes in Haringey with 8,875 homes having received works and of these, 6,301 being made decent.

Haringey Decent
Homes Program

We have been working as part of the Haringey Decent Homes Program with Apollo, since 2008. Our work has included updating and modernising properties successfully for Haringey council, improving project delivery and the quality of living standards for the residents of Haringey.

Since 2008, £155m has been invested in improvements to council homes in Haringey with 8,875 homes having received works and of these, 6,301 being made decent. As part of this investment, 654 sheltered homes have had works done – all sheltered housing stock in Haringey now meets the Decent Homes standard. Current rate of resident satisfaction since 2008 is 92%. At the start of the programme, non-decency of council homes stood at 41.8%, when the programme finishes in March 2015, non-decency levels are expected to stand at 26.6%.

The Team

Mr. Isayev

CEO, Founder

Mr. Isayev was a professional boxer in Ukraine and Russia, that stepped into the construction field and after forming DCK in 2008, has through passion and hard work has built not only a multi million pound business, but a solid reputation and alliances with the biggest and best in the industry.

Mr Anvarjon Umarov

Mr Oleksandr Morozov

Mr Arjan K Bhardwaj

Mr Ruslan Bizans

Mr Janis Bizans

Mr Azamat Iskakov

Mr Iurii Sama

Mr Iurii Torchynovich

Our Partner

Sungate Enterprises & DCK Construction Limited have come together to combine and leverage knowledge and experience in their mutual fields to create innovative and powerful platforms that bring a distinct realisation of process and performance in the products produced with real-world application.

Bringing together knowledge of software development, construction, design, functionalities, business intelligence, governmental procedure, and cultural awareness we have grown from strength to strength building strength through a core necessity to bring clarity and function to all around us whether it be the simple workers that build our cities to complex governmental developments and infrastructure departments. Our focuses are simple, effective, effective, accessible systems that are clean, compliant, and complementary to the industry.